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The People of Tee Lex

We are not a consulting agency and more than an accounting firm.


We’re experienced business professionals equipped with a one size fits one solution. We offer tailor-made solutions that help with your people, project and finance operations.

We're hiring...

Are you passionate about creative people and growing businesses?

Do you want to expand your skills and scope?

Do you want a flexible work schedule and environment?

If you’re a finance, HR or other business professional

who wants to make a difference for your clients, get in touch!


Joe Cangelosi


Joe Cangelosi has spent his career in creative industries.

Starting as a lighting designer, he built and sold two successful companies, eventually moving on to finance and operations management in the agency sector.

Fueled by a passion for design and architecture, Joe founded Tee Lex to help creative firms work more efficiently and solve real-life challenges. He lives in Topanga Canyon with his husband and a smooth Fox Terrier named Lexi.


Janet Rozner


A 30+ year results-oriented human resources leader.

Janet has broad and deep expertise across all functional areas of HR.

An infrastructure architect with notable experience building HR operations from the ground up, she specializes in creative and practical processes, procedures, and solutions for organizations. 

Janet is also known professionally as Janet Petroff.


Deb Falb


Focused on creating environments where people are most open to share, learn and contribute.

Her greatest strength is her ability to track and drive immense amounts of ever-changing detail. Her greatest satisfaction is framing the demands of a project in a way that starts from a shared vision, speaks to each person involved in their own language, and allows them to shine. On a mission to inspire teams to do exceptional work and build lasting relationships through transparent communication and targeted support.​

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