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I've spent my entire life working in a small business. Along the way I've grappled with the real-life challenges people who own and run small businesses face every day. 

My talks cut through the myths and misconceptions many of us have about what is "right" for a small business and question the standard advice and offerings of many professional service providers. 

I've presented at conferences throughout the US and Europe including the American Institute of Architects annual conference, the world's largest gathering of the profession. 

Please get in touch via the link below for more information or to develop a custom presentation.

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Straight Talk

Also presented as the "Small Business Savvy Series," Straight Talk is comprised of four sessions that address major areas of concern for small business owners. 

  • Session 1: HR Boot Camp

  • Session 2: Finance Crash Course

  • Session 3: Contracts 101

  • Session 4: Make it Rain: How to get paid & stabilize Cashflow

Get back to work: Reducing low-value effort

Each day, business owners, managers and subject matter experts spend time doing administrative work. Some of this has a high value, benefitting their clients, colleagues, and firm. A lot of it, however, has basically no value: manually updating or collating information from multiple systems, notifying the team about basic developments, or chasing people for files or updates.

While a quick internet search of any business problem is promptly met with an onslaught of digital products promising life-altering results, the challenge of developing the right strategies to implement more effective administrative processes remains.

This talk proposes guiding principles that will enable business owners, managers and supervising staff to take a high-level view of their operations, define goals and build out processes to support them.

Landing the whale: what you need to know about working with the Fortune 500

Selling to a large brand can not only stabilize your company financially but build your reputation, visibility and team. This presentation will provide tangible insights to enable small and mid-size companies to perform their best in servicing much larger clients while successfully managing the cost and complexity often involved.

Running Projects in QuickBooks Online

This is a deep dive into using the world’s most common small business accounting software as a full-fledged project ERP. Attendees come away with an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of using QuickBooks Online for projects and how to extend its functionality with other products.

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